Freeze it week!!!

So I’m sick as a dog this week, and praising the good Lord above that I have a freezer stocked full of healthy and delicious meals I made and froze last week. Including roast, stew, soup, and already prepared ingredients to throw together a delicious veggie lasagna. Seriously, I’m so happy!!!!! So here is a summary of all of the “hard” work I did last week to make this possible:


day 1: Crock pot a large roast with potatoes and carrots. eat. Freeze leftovers.

Day 2: crock pot huge batch of beef stew with onions and green beans. Eat. Freeze leftovers.

Day 3: chop veggies for lasagna, make sauce for lasagna, freeze half the veggies and the sauce. Make lasagna, eat.

Day 4: Make chicken soup. Eat. Freeze leftovers.

Day 5: PIZZA NIGHT!!!!


I also chopped and froze all of the fruits and veggies I knew I wouldn’t use last week before they went bad, so now I even have a weeks worth of fruits and veggies for snacks… I might not even have to grocery shop this week!!!  look at me and my bad self!!!

Well long story short, I might have to invest in an industrial sized freezer, because I’m on a ROLL!!!! Freezing leftovers is so worth it!!! Especially if you are like me and always make a way bigger than normal dinner.





I got the image, and a recipe from:


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